Congrats to the Newly Initiated Brothers

Spring 2019

Congrats to the Newly Initiated Brothers of Spring 2019

After the way too short Winter break and a busy beginning to our spring 2019 semester, we are happy to announce 19 new brothers that have undergone initiation. Congratulations to these 19 newly initiated brothers and we are incredibly proud to welcome you into the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. Certainly, each of you have come so far from since your Fall 2018 semester.

newly initiated brothers of spring 2019
The newly initiated brothers of the spring 2019 class!

New Brothers and Their Names

The new brothers in Lambda Chi Alpha initiate class 2019 appearing in the photo from left to right are:

First row: Zachary Bullerdick, Trevor Stefanski, Andrew Schuster, Ian Williams, Chase Patterson and Dylan Neece,

Second row: Asher Gruenbacher, Shawn Faulkingham Jr., Andrew Mikes, Clayton Hayes, Eric Linger, Josh Robben and Cade Dillard,

Third row: Jake Lambert, Caleb Baker, Nathan Biggers, Drew Neubauer, Drake Matthews and Ardi Cela.

We expect these new brothers to continue the traditions and values of us of the Alpha Delta chapter. In us rushing them back in the fall 2018 semester we saw a great potential that each of them can obtain through hard work and patience. We look forward to seeing what they can accomplish as brothers and consequently as men moving forward.

Thinking about learning more about Lambda Chi Alpha?

If you are interested in joining this organization with these great new brothers or learning more about us, please fill out our interest form on our join page or read more about us as brothers on our information page.

Written by David Naumann