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How many members are currently in your fraternity?

There are currently 44 active members in Lambda Chi Alpha.

How many people live in the chapter house?

We currently have 54 people living in house. The chapter house capacity is 60.

Do you offer any scholarships for joining the fraternity?

Many scholarships are offered directly from alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha.
-Each new initiate automatically receives a $1,000 scholarship courtesy of Jim Bertelsmeyer.
-Two new initiates receive a $10,000 scholarship courtesy of Jim Bertelsmeyer.
-One (or more) associate or active members may receive the Howard Stine Endowment
-One (or more) associate or active member may receive the Col. & Mrs. E. A. Owsley
-One (or more) associate or active members may receive the Adolph Legsdin Alumni

Do I need a high GPA to get accepted into the house?

Lambda Chi Alpha requires its associate members to make at least a 2.6 GPA their first semester
here, and each member is expected to maintain that GPA throughout their time in Lambda Chi

Does the fraternity participate in sports?

We participate in all intramural sports at Missouri S&T.

What are associates required to do?

Every member of the house is expected to meet the GPA requirement, perform a duty, and attend
chapter meetings.

What kind of food plan do you have? What is the food like?

Meal plans are part of the initial house bill and includes a daily lunch and a sit-down dinner each Monday
through Friday at 5:00pm prepared by a professional chef.

Who does the finances for the chapter house?

We elect a treasurer each year to oversee our finances. If you have any financial questions,
please contact the treasurer. His email can be found on the “Officers” page under the “Brothers”

How many people live in a room?

At most there will be 2 members per room. We have an older member share a room with new
members for their first semester to better assist the transition into college and fraternity life
(study habit development, prompt attendance to chapter meetings, etc.).

Do you have cable TV and wi-fi at the chapter house?

We have cable in the living room and wi-fi is available throughout the

When can I stop by for a house tour?

During PRO days, our front door is open for house tours starting at 5:00pm the night before
until 12:00pm the day following the PRO day. If you would like to visit the house another time,
please contact the recruitment chairman by the information posted on the “Officers” page in the
“Brothers” tab.

Do you have “hang out” spaces in the house?

Our house has a game room with ping pong and pool tables. Also, there are several comfortable
sitting areas for playing board games, watching T.V., or working on homework.

Is the chapter house safe to live in?

We have a fire inspection each semester and appoint a member to oversee the well-being/safety
of all members.

Where can I do my laundry?

Our washers and dryers are conveniently located downstairs and washing/drying costs only
$0.25 each. Each member is given a designated washing time throughout the week.

Can I bring my TV, mini fridge, futon, printer and desk?

You can bring any of those items. However, we provide each member with a desk and desk
chair. It is also advisable to get in touch with your roommate to discuss who will be bringing
what items so the room is not cramped. Also, we have our own printer within the house.

Can I bring my car with me?

We have parking spaces along the front of the house and in the back. Each member is given a
designated parking space.

Who can I contact with more questions? 

For recruitment contact the recruitment chairman. For any general questions not regarding
recruitment contact the president. The emails for each officer can be found on the “Officers”
page under the “Brothers” tab.