Local History

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Local History

Chapter History

The Alpha Delta Zeta (Chapter) of Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1917 by Harry Kluge on the campus of the Missouri School of Mines. As the name of the school has changed to the University of Missouri – Rolla, and now to the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Alpha Delta Zeta (ADZ) has maintained a strong presence on and off campus in the Rolla community.

Chapter House

Our chapter house is over 50 years old, but still maintains a strong structure and is well cared for by our members. We have had a few remodels over the years and also additions on the house. We have a main floor with a kitchen, dining room, workshop room, and game room with a pool table and ping pong table. We also have a  trophy room and two living rooms (one for formal gatherings and one for everyday meetings) on the first floor. We have 2 floors of rooms for members to stay in. The house can comfortably accommodate 64 members with 2 members per room (we currently have 50 members). Each room has a dresser, desk, bed, and chair for each member. We have 3 meals provided 5 days a week 2 of the meals are cold breakfasts and all other 13 meals are prepared by our cook. For the weekend, we have food in the freezer that members can cook or you can choose to go to one of the many fast food restaurants in the area (we live directly behind Dominos). The house also has wi-fi, printer/scanner, and basic cable television. Our house is one of the closest to campus and is easily within 5 minutes of walking to all buildings on campus.